About Us

Designers Group, the creative hot shop of modern, aesthetic interior design and architecture for optimal and functional utility of space was founded in 1987. During the eventful period spanning over a decade, our creative ideas have continuously evolved new and contempory designs keeping in tune with the latest trends and changing customer tastes.

Designers Group has excelled in hospitality besides other fields. What differentiates us from the rest is that when you work with us, you work with our principle designers. Designers Group have been trendsetters and among the first to use laminated flooring as well as bright colours in architecture. Its comes as no surprise that our clients come back to us time and time again.

Each concept is given a holistic approach before we conceptualize and firm up our ideas for presentation to our clients. Our designs always have a "fresh look" about them due to originality of our ideas.

Over the years we have achieved an excellent combination of design and materials blending both in perfect harmony to produce a superior end result. Our projects continue to hold the visual appeal even after several years as they have a balance of practicality and creativity. We have been 20 years in the industry and over 10 years in the hospitality sector. We leave you with our work to speak for us.

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