Our Team

The Designers Group belief in “team-effort” clearly reflects in the way they gather together in the conference room for “internal discussions”. Well-equipped with all modern gadgets and facilities, the core team is often spotted here, engaged in animated discussions. The freedom of thought and expression is fostered here; as each person’s opinion is sought before finalizing a business deal, a group initiative or the plan to be sent to the client! This philosophy has helped the designers to bond and thereby function more effectively as a ‘team’… From a modest garage which functioned as their studio in the early years to this spacious one, vibrating with energy and enthusiasm… Designers Group’s journey has been along and successful one!

Khozema Chitalwala
Designers Group, founded by Architect Khozema Chitalwala, has two decades of experience in interior architecture, with hospitality being there forte. Designers Group is recognised throughout the industry for its commitment to excellence in hospitality design.
Since its inception in 1987, the firm has redefined luxury, comfort and innovation in hospitality interior design for a number of Indian & international hotel chains.
For the last 25 years, the firm's design professionals remain keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends and are in sync with today's rapidly evolving ideas of sophisticated living, design, comfort and luxury. The young and talented team at Designers Group is guided by the creativity and experience of their principle founders, Partner & Principal Architect Mr Khozema Chitalwala and Principal Designer Mrs Sujata Chitalwala, continuously striving to utilise simple straight-line design, materials, colours, textures and forms, in a smart and innovative way to create aesthetic, contemporary interior lifestyle spaces.
The firm’s depth of experience and detailed knowledge, coupled with its zest for incorporating new influences in technology and sustainability, enable it to identify and implement international interior design trends that push the aesthetic envelope, lending each of their projects a unique, inspired identity that shatters all preconceived notions of standardisation and revolutionises the practice of hospitality design.

Sujata chitalwala
Trained as a textile designer, and later as an interior designer, I have always had an eye for aesthetics and a flair for people management. This has helped me position myself perfectly in Designers Group — managing the office administration; and also guiding the design team. The switch-over to a focus on exclusive hospitality interiors gave me more scope to explore my talent and I therefore took up the responsibility of advising the team on the selection of soft furnishings.
My vision for Designers Group is to make it a company that can become a holistic consultancy for the hospitality sector. To that end, I see myself growing into a role where I can lead the team to accessorize a project — right from choosing the mattresses and duvets and bed-linen to the crockery, cutlery, the art-work, the picture frames, and even the flowers in the vases! Working in tandem with the main design team to get the project brief, the colour scheme, and the kind of styling chosen for the decor, we can then accessorize the whole interior — to fit the client's budget. This kind of project accessorizing as a package is not offered by any other design firm; so we would really like to capture that untouched segment.
As we step into the 25th year of founding Designers Group, a documentation of the work done so far seemed to be the right way of going forward. I hope this gives you a good glimpse into our expertise and experience in the design industry of India!

Vaishali Dangare Tere
Architect Vaishali had a modest beginning with Designers Group in 2003 and today very efficiently bestows her best knowledge, experience & talent for the firm. For over a decade now, Vaishali has experience in various styles and diverse hospitality projects pan India.
In 2002, Vaishali completed her architecture from the B.V.P institute of design, Mumbai, India. she is a firm believer in intelligent designs that creates space and good working environment. Vaishali has adapted various multifaceted ideas on interiors from modern /contemporary to stylish & elegant, luxurious interiors in a decade.
She in this period has horned her creative and project administrative skills and successfully completed various hospitality projects in India and internationally. This has brought several achievements and recognition to the firm and on a personal level.
She believes client satisfaction is a reward for herself.
Some of Vaishali’s project experience includes the Royal Orchid chain of hotels and the Pride group. She also has to her name resort property of Fariyas at Lonavala in addition to the ITC five star property –Fortune Landmark at Indore.

Hemendra Kanojiya
Mr. Hemendra joined Designers Group in 2007 as an Associate Sr. designer and has bestowed his great talent and knowledge to the firm. His clean line discipline is seen in his designs. Time management is his first principle. Straight line, functional and cluster-free décor are his forte. Being in the hospitality industry for one and a half decade now he has a great eye towards minute detailing and designing.
Graduated from the L.S Raheja institute of interiors at Bandra Hemendra has worked with renowned architects and designers like Bobby Mukherjee and associates. Hemendra firmly believes that successful projects and satisfied clients are the result of well detailed functional, crisp and innovative - yet timeless design. Throughout his career, Mr. Hemendra has successfully redefined the traditional modernism by infusing variety and texture to enrich each hospitality design.
He was also a part of the design team for Sahara star hotel near Mumbai domestic airport .Under his leadership, the firm produced an impressive portfolio of design solutions including such projects as the Manchester united café at Mumbai, the Novatel resort, and Grand Mercure hotel at Goa. Hemendra is a firm believer of ‘go green’ concept and has designed ecotel hotels like the Fern, at Ahmedabad and Cochin. Currently he is designing an upcoming hotel for a premium brand at Jaipur.

Hitesh Kacha
In his years of experience, Mr. Hitesh has developed a philosophy and work ethic that is very personal, proactive and client-focused. He has proven to be a successful director of design projects that are both large-in-scale and complex. These projects have provided him with invaluable knowledge of and experience with all aspects of the profession including both its design and technical aspects.
Mr. Hitesh completed his interiors from the LS Raheja institute of design at Bandra, India. He is to submit his last thesis for the degree of architecture from the Rizvi college of architecture. Born and bloomed in Designers Group, Hitesh is a firm believer in modern architecture. He is a firm believer that the services behind the scene play a key role in proper functioning of the hotel.
His many assignments include conversion of malls, corporates, residential and office buildings into hotels. Specific examples include the best budget award winning peppermint hotel which was converted from a mall, Sarovar portico hotel was converted from a residential building into a business hotel. The citrus hotel at pune was a challenge as he had to design the hotel on the existing services. His portfolio includes varied décor from GRT., the business hotel to fountain a resort property at Mahabaleshwar.

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