Pride Plaza Hotel Aerocity, New Delhi

Royal Orchid Central, Bangalore (Season's Hall )

Regenta Central, Rajkot

Comfort Inn Legacy, Rajkot

Mahagun mezzaria Show Flat (Noida)

Mahagun Iconic Show Flat (Noida)

GRT Grand,Kakinada

Four Points Sheraton,Bengaluru

When paving a design pattern, brand standards are never to be compromised for. This project derives its main inspiration from portraying the local Hampi architecture. Having an added benefit of large ceiling height within the lobby and restaurant, the designed space executed a whole-area-as-one feel. In the lobby, this was emphasized within the ceiling design, where continuous light shafts ran across displaying grandeur. While headwalls of the rooms captured Hampi architecture, the artworks and artefacts continued to showcase a mix of both contemporary art with Hampi elements. The restaurant lit up with lighting pendants each maintaining its poise with minimalism. The consistency of an extensive open space environment is sustained through a co-relation with exterior spaces with the usage of jalis that serve as semi-transparent doorways

Best Western Hotel Sahil

The main challenge of this project involved of Structural and Services(MEP) constraints involving major civil changes. Working on an existing structure, the ongoing renovation was not to impede the daily timeline routine of a functioning hotel. The rooms fairly of 150 sq. ft. were to incorporate all the basic amenities inclusive of a posh bathroom to a writing area as well. To overcome the reality of a small space producing a petite effect, rooms were constituted with mirrors and lights. Huge windows in the rooms established maximum daylighting which was increased by reflective matt floors. Ceiling pockets illuminated with lights that reflected off to maximize a spacious effect. Bathrooms kept efficient with the most basic fixtures.

Creeda-Board game Cafe

dhruve Liladhar & Co. Office

Pride Hotel,Kolkata

A continuous jali design highlights the reception backdrop that makes the design perpetual following with hanging chandeliers lighting up the lobby entrance and waiting area. The heighted public areas generally having a modernized design approach that continue to hint a mix of traditional artworks and artefacts. The classy treat of elaborate triangular jali pattern continue to illuminate a shadowy effect over all public areas following the restaurant, pre-function, banquet, and cafe. The banquet area is sufficiently complimented with a hint of bright red wall panelling again side lined with the similar jali. The cafe flaunts its space moreover by incorporating expansive windows inviting more daylight and accentuating the bright tinge of a retro feel through its warm furniture and the centred coffer ceiling housing a hanging artefact.


Pride world City Show Flat

Pride world City office

Wadhwani Hotel,Indore

Revolving around the main influence drawn from the peacock feather, this project incorporates splashes of structural coloration of a peacock feather as it is main highlight within the rooms as well as the public areas. Apart from the nude coloured consistent wood and beige tones found in hotel rooms, the interiors provoke a sense of fresh decor by pigmenting bright emeralds, turquoise, cobalt blues , purples and golden yellows to seep in as soft furnished surprises in each space. This holistic accession is perpetuated, be it the digital printed headwalls or the rugs within the rooms. The corridors continue to enhance this story through the velvet blue carpet with interlaced bright yellow feather patterns. Entering the atrium itself, one would find the abstract peacock feathers motifs with patina finish coalesced with each subsequent slabs as well. The reception area also provides a back panelling of turquoise peacock inspired grills and jalis. Brushed steel peacock feather patterns run continuously as cove lighting along the lobby.

Best Western, Bhubhneshwar

Park Plaza, Delhi



Fountain Hotel, Phase 2

Fortune, Phase 1

Fariyas Resort, Phase 2

The Pride Hotel, Ahmedabad

The Pride Hotel, Nagpur

This existing property renovation is centred around a classical to modernist approach. This ongoing project had a constraint of an existing beam that was not to be altered but maintained. The ceiling of the banquet which already had a consistent good height was then accentuated with cove lights along the coffer. The pre-function has accented water features elevated by hanging pendants. The rooms are kept simple yet classy with a combination of polished wood and shades of rustic browns and reds in the fabrics achieving a toned down elegant homely look. 

The Pride Hotel, Chennai

Taj Lands End, Mumbai

Taj Blue Daimond, Pune

Taj President, Mumbai

The Fern, Kochi

As a green-field project, this Ecotel comprised usage of all go-green products which included MDF(Medium density fibre board), coconut shells for wall panelling etc. The tap fixtures in the bathrooms as well are water saving. The lounge encompasses a cozy feeling by having black slated flooring along with bronze mirror. Having a minimalistic style of design approach, the coffer ceiling makes space for pendant lights providing a neat look. The backdrop of the lobby too reflects the traditionally inspired palm leaf aura of the region. The horizontal running beams accounts for an expansive look in the ceiling of the lobby which is further enhanced by cove lighting

Novotel, Goa

Hotel Sahil, Mumbai

Global Hospital

Citrus, Pune

Citrus Clubhouse, Jhodpur

This clubhouse includes sports activities comprising of billiards, card room, caroms, squash room and swimming pool as well. Revolving on a centred theme of Jarokhas, a local element of the area, the space incorporates this throughout the areas of the lobby, passage, corridor, etc. Classical mouldings such like at the reception counter, the stone carved jali exhibited at the lobby, water features of Jarokhas and local fabric artworks display a sense of regional influence within the clubhouse. The lobby with the double ceiling height are housed with vertical columns that stand distinct with dark antique beige tones enhanced with up lit wall scones. Although distinct but not separated, the centred circular eight seater family fine dining highlights the all-day dining area with it’s multi-coloured pendants and beaded curtain. The rest of the areas like the banquet and corridors however give a semi-modern look maintaining the traditional touch of Jodhpur through the usage of jalis as semi-transparent boundaries and lighted artefacts.


The Pride Hotel, Panchkula

Residence 4


Residence 3


The Fern, Ahmedabad

The Fern – Ahmedabad is an “ecotel” hotel that endeavors to protect and preserve our environment via certification on ecological parameters. This hotel based in Ahmedabad was conceptualized as very modern and contemporary

M Lounge in Kensington, USA

The recently designed M Lounge in Kensington, USA has paved the way for a whole new journey for Designers Group. Having chosen their most preferred style of decor — classy minimalism — the firm has given it a treatment - more suitable to the lounge culture in the US. Keeping in mind the target group’s age as well as the latest trends popular there, the designers have created a relaxing elegance in the space.

Manchester United Cafe Bar, Mumbai

This was a fine-dine restaurant that had to be converted into a sports café-bar. The client has taken the franchise of the international brand of Manchester United Resto-Bar: and there were certain parameters and design element that were served as guidelines by the brand. The norms prescribed to retain the brand identity in terms of overall look, colors and aesthetics had to be incorporated into the general layout and functional distribution. The ultimate challenge was that this decision was taken exactly 60 days before the football  world cup kick-started — and therefore the entire work had to be monitored  on a day-to-day basis. The 160 cover sports bar flaunts a stunning look, with the brand identity proudly on display.

Quay Lounge, Mumbai

The primary objective of the decor was to create an informal ambience for chilling out. To avoid drawing attention to the low height, the entire space was created as one single black box; with loose furniture, and minimal elements. Mood lighting and focus lighting help to build the desired ambience. There  is also a design thought involved about the functions of the space during  daytime — and so the lighting system is conducive for business discussions and meetings before the usual chilling-out time starts.

Fine Dine Restaurant, Mumbai

The basic constraint on the site was the floor height. The design was thus based on creating an illusion of space on the horizontal plane; and trying to distract the eye from the low height by keeping the ceiling plain and unobtrusive. Since the restaurant was planned to be a multi-cuisine specialty, the decor too was planned with eclectic influences: from British  Colonial to Southeast Asian near the Korean barbeque area; and touches of  Indian Traditional — with jaalis and jharokhas all over — layered on a basic minimalist space.

The Pride Hotel, Pune

The designers have done almost all of the Pride Group’s properties. This was the first among the many projects that followed. The building was ready when they were commissioned the job, so the designers had to work around existing parameters and site constraints. The primary change executed in the site was that the entire feel of the place was modified; with the opening up, merging and repositioning of spaces. The claustrophobic spaces then looked expansive and fresh, and were further dramatized by raised levels and large openings.

Comfort Inn Heritage, Mumbai

This is one of the older properties remodeled by the firm. It was actually built as a girls’ hostel, owned by Tata group; later leased out for a hotel. The building had a unique structural plan- each room was about two- and-a-half feet above the level of the corridor outside. The room sizes were also odd; ranging from 120 sq. ft. to 165 sq. ft. the other constraints were that there were no toilet shafts; and also that despite being a choice hotel, the locality in which it is  situated is a heavily residential one, so family wear and tear was also a huge  factor in the choice of materials and accessories. However, the final outcome seems to have weighed out the stringent parameters for design.

Royal Orchid Central, Ahmedabad

The effort once again was to create and maintain a brand identity for the different spaces. Cheerful colours were introduced to appeal to the target group- the younger generation. Architecturally the building was designed and  ready before the interior work was commissioned; however since the structure  did not fit the designers’ vision, nor the brand’s specific requirements, a lot of modifications had been done.

Fountain Hotel, Mahabaleshwar

Among the oldest resorts of Mahabaleshwar, the designers have refurbished it, while preserving the outer shell and without disturbing the flavor of the existing architecture. The idea was to provide high-end luxury; so one of the buildings earlier meant for larger occupancies, was converted into premium rooms. Climate (heavy rainfall) was a major parameter to be factored into the design and maintenance of the building. Conceptually, five different themes or looks for intance-Colonial, Thai, and Contemporary - have been worked out for the rooms.

Royal Orchid Central, Bangalore

This was an old property taken on lease by the Baljee group of hotels. With the IT industry booming at Bangalore, the percentage of international business travellers has gone up considerably. The 4-star property needed a lot of stylistic treatment, to suit the clientele it was targeting. The designers convinced the client to do some dramatic interior architectural modifications.  The stylistic treatment was chosen to be stark and contemporary with touches  of ethnic elements. Put together, it led to a phenomenal change in the look and feel of the place.