Hospitality – the word itself suggests grace, grooming, elegance and etiquette. There are a zillion factors to be considered – from the most mundane to the most demanding and hi-tech services; from the most basic to the most glamorous elements – they all need to be there, woven together through the primary parameters of structure, space, brief, and budget. Then special touches like designing for the elderly, or the differently abled; by small yet significant design decisions (such as providing wheel-chair access) can add value to the project.

Designers Group, founded by Architect Khozema Chitalwala, with his Textile Designer wife and partner Sujata, has two-and-a-half decades of experience in interior architecture. Now largely into hospitality design, the firm believes in simple and straight-line design and uses materials, colours, textures and forms, in a smart and innovative way to create world-class designs. The interior projects handled by the firm showcase its core philosophy, and commitment to excellence.  

Our Work Philosophy

The underlining creative expressions of the firm’s style – Luxury and Simplicity – though diabolically opposite in character, co-exist harmoniously in all they do!!  The most remarkable achievement, however, is the way in which the firm is able to infuse a sense of luxury, grandeur, warmth and comfort in the often sharp, almost starkly contemporary spaces and ambiances. 

The vision of Designers Group is to carve out a niche and to eventually make itself a ‘brand’ in the segment of exclusive hospitality interior architecture. The immediate aim, therefore, is to make an inroad into that elusive segment. It then seems right to identify the stepping stones on the path thus covered; before choosing the way ahead.

Our Design Approach

  • Interior architecture
  • Conceptual 
  • Design Development 
  • Documentation

Our design approach follows the disciplines of Architecture, Planning and Interior Design. Our team’s expertise can be brought to bear on projects as required. Interior Architecture is of primary importance. We believe the achievement of excellence in architecture is the product of inspiration born of experience and systematic research. Services such as MEP, lighting consultants, FF and E are kept in mind from the initial stages of conceptual design, though the design development, and finally till documentation and tendering. 

Our thinking synthesizes innovation with timeless values. We collaborate with clients and brands to define their needs and aspirations. Together, we seek a humane and enriched built environment.

The Principal Architect of Designers Group have extensive experience in converting various corporate campuses, institutional and cultural facilities, commercial developments, residential buildings and public open spaces into hospitality floor palettes. On the majority of these projects, we have assumed the role of leader of the interdisciplinary design team, taking responsibility for the overall project planning, design and coordination for all disciplines. Site Master Planning has become very important in the decision

Project Organization

Based on mutual respect and professionalism, the firm takes pride in the excellent collaborative relationships with our clients and other members of the project team. Evolution of our project organization system is based on two decades of experience. It is achieved through establishment of clear objectives, goal-directed thinking and organization of effort to address the design, functional, economic, social and environmental needs of the client.


All projects are under the personal direction of principal architect. The principal maintains contact with the client from the beginning to the end of the project, thus assuring continuity of design intent and management. The principal is assisted by a design team, all of whom have extensive experience in the design and administrative procedures necessary to best complete the project.

Project Architect/Planner

The project architect or planner is the day-to-day leader of the team and has the responsibility of guiding the project through all phases. He or she is involved in every aspect of the project, from conceptual design to technical detailing. All correspondence, meetings, memos, schedules, and budgets are also directed.

Project Team

Each project is assigned to a team that will remain with the project for the duration of the work. A stimulating work environment is fostered through lively dialogue where individual team members are encouraged to actively participate and contribute their talent to the creative process. Although guided by its major owners, Khozema Chitalwala and Sujata Chitalwala, the firm’s participatory management style encourages young architects and designers to contribute and to rise to greater responsibilities.

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